Do you want to be in a key role revolutionizing trenchless installations in difficult geology…

Geonex Group is a Finnish originated Horizontal Hammer Boring equipment manufacturer and solution supplier. Geonex has history of over 20 years as contractors in Northern Europe, in the field of Horizontal Hammer Boring. That experience guarantees functional and reliable machinery solutions with training and consulting. Geonex has established a global equipment brand, operating in Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia. Now Geonex strengthens its position in North America by bringing new technology to the market and creating its own organization to serve the North American market and customers.

Geonex’s Horizontal Hammer Boring method and equipment is specialized and superior in cost effectiveness, when installing trenchless steel casings into hard solid rock or difficult mixed soil.

We are looking for an independent “lone wolf” as OPERATIONS MANAGER, to run Geonex Inc. USA operations in North America. Although you would be working independently, you would have 100% team support from Finland / Europe. The job is challenging and diverse, but if you are passionately interested in and familiar with trenchless industry and heavy construction, the job is surely rewarding and will give you recognition as a key player in Horizontal Hammer Boring in North America. You would have the opportunity build our U.S. operations to reflect your vision.

The job will mainly consist of sales, technical and jobsite support. A lot of the job will be closely working with trenchless contractors, so you need to ready to put your work boots and hard hat on, and jump into the pit. Previous trenchless field operator, foreman or estimator experience is an advantage. Technical skills and DTH-hammer operation skills are also highly appreciated along with sales and customer service orientation. Geonex Inc. doesn’t have yet a fixed operational location, so the job can be performed in the beginning from a home office, but the job involves a lot of travelling around North America. Therefore, applicant should be located or willing to move into the United States or Canada.

The job will be filled immediately once the suitable applicant is found. Free-form applications with resume and questions may be submitted to: .

Tuomas Lassheikki