Geonex DTH Hammers

Down The Hole -hammers up to 34”

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Down The Hole -hammers are produced from latest technology and high quality materials under strict quality control. The mark series Down The Hole -hammers are valveless design with efficient and powerful impact energy, and are your best partner to work with hard rock. They can be operated over a wide range of air pressures. Each hammer has a designed hole drilling size range.

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Applications for Geonex DTH Hammers

  • Horizontal Drilling

    The Geonex Down The Hole -hammers are optimal for horizontal drilling.

  • Foundation, piling and Anchoring

    The DTH-hammers can be ordered with different type of shanks according to customer needs.

  • Civil engineering

    With DTH Hammers, piles are installed without the need to disturb surfaces, structures or other preexisting services.