Geonex Casing system CSE

Casing System Eccentric up to Ø 273 casing dimensions

Geonex Casing system CSE - Geonex

When drilling in soft and loose ground, the soil and clay are caved in. This creates difficulties in withdrawing the DTH drilling equipment and lowers the drilling speed. Geonex CSE enables drilling and lowering the casing simultaneously, preventing the soil from collapsing into the hole. The system is designed to drill the hole diameters slightly larger than the casing diameter. The CSE consists of a driver bit, reamer bit and locking system.

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Applications for Geonex Casing system CSE

  • Soft and loose ground with scattered boulders

    Foundation, piling and anchoring

  • Special drilling

    Ground stabilisation, grouting holes and water wells

  • Reamer bit

    The reamer bit is closed by rotating the system in reverse direction to allow withdrawal of the CSE

Technical information

Geonex Casing system CSE

Outer diameter of a reamer bit expanded mm (in)Outer diameter of a reamer bit retracted mm (in)Applicable casing outer dia. mm (in)Casing wall max mm (in)
139,7mm casing CSE140/6,3t 155 (6,10)115 (4,53)139,7 (5,5)6,3 (0,25)
168,3mm casing CSE168/6,3t 190 (7,48)140 (5,51)168,3 (6,625)6,3 (0,25)
193,7mm casing CSE194/6,3t 219 (8,62)165 (6,50)193,7 (7,625)6,3 (0,25)
219,1mm casing CSE219/10,0t 240 (9,45)180 (7,09)219,1 (8,625)10,0 (0,39)
CSE219/6,3t 240 (9,45)190 (7,48)219,1 (8,625)6,3 (0,25)
254,0mm casing CSE254/6,3t 272 (10,71)215 (8,46)254,0 (8,65)6,3 (0,25)
273,0mm casing CSE273/12,7t 303 (11,93)230 (9,06)273,0 (10,75)12,7 (0,5)
CSE273/6,3t303 (11,93)240 (9,45)273,0 (10,75)6,3 (0,25)