Geonex Break-out Bench

GEONEX Break-out Bench to break out and to break in connections.

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The Break out Bench is a great help when servicing, maintaining and repairing a DTH-hammer. The Break out Bench is operated hydraulically. The hydraulic power can be produced by some mobile device such as a Wheel Loader, or the Bench could be equipped with the Geonex Power Pack. Geonex manufactures two different break-out bench models.

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Applications for Geonex Break-out Bench

  • Drill rod etc. connection break out and break in

    The Bench may also be used e.g. opening jammed drill pipe couplings.

  • Down The Hole hammer service

    You can easily open the back head and chuck of the hammer to service the equipment efficiently.

  • Geonex Power Pack compatible

    The Bench can be equipped with the Geonex Power Pack models PP37, PP90 and PP180.

Technical information

Geonex Break-out Bench HW8

HW 8
Suitable hammer sizes4”-8”
Length mm (ft in)1210 (4’)
Width mm (ft in)1400 (4’ 8”)
Height mm (ft in)1260 (4’ 2”)
Weight kg (lb)450 (990)
OPTION Electrical power pack230 v
OPTIONHammer & rod spanners

Geonex Break-out Bench HW24

Suitable hammer sizes8”-24”
Length mm (ft in)2450 (8’ 1”)
Width mm (ft in)1710 (5’ 8”)
Height mm (ft in)1360 (4’ 6”)
Weight kg (lb)2400 (5300)
OPTION Electrical power pack380 v
OPTIONHammer & rod spanners
OPTIONTong vise