Geonex GR 120

Geonex DTH-drilling rotary heads

Geonex Rotary Heads are engineered for DTH-Drilling. Design is compact and strong Engineered for both horizontal and vertical drilling. Rotary head can be mounted straight to feed carriage or as an option, there is also possibility for tilt function with cuttings collector. Speed switching valve option and different motor sizes also enables drilling of large diameter range. Rotary head has in-built air swivel with large hole through.

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Applications for Geonex GR 120

  • HZR1000 horizontal drilling rig

    The GR120 rotary head is compatible with the HZR1000 horizontal drilling rig.

  • Vertical drilling, micro piling and big size piling rigs

    The rotary head is engineered for both horizontal and vertical drilling applications.

  • Special drilling rigs

    The GR120 can be attached to a variety of special drilling rigs from different brands.

Technical information

Geonex GR 120

Weight kg (lb)2500(5500)
Length (with out threads adapter) mm (ft in)950 (3’ 1 1/2")
Width mm (ft in)960 (3’ 2”)
Height mm (ft in)920 (3’)
Thread connection (can be specified according to customer needs)BECO 10” F / Api Reg 8 5/8” F
Max oil flow lpm (gpm)500 (132)
Max pressure Bar (psi)350(5075)
Hydraulic motor displacement cm3/r (cid)2029 (124) / 1268 (77) / 761 (46)
Max rotation torque, slow gear Nm (ftlb)120000(88500)
Max rotation speed, slow gear r/min 16
Max rotation torque, med gear Nm (ftlb)75000(55300)
Max rotation speed, med gear r/min 26
Max rotation torque, fast gear Nm (ftlb)45000 (33190)
Max rotation speed, fast gear r/min 45
OPTIONTilt function
OPTIONSliding cuttings collector
OPTIONDifferent sub savers
OPTIONSpeed switching valve