Geonex HZR400

Horizontal DTH-drilling rig up to Ø508

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HZR400 is a compact and versatile contracting unit. It works in small to medium sized infrastructural steel cased and rock drilling needs, with pneumatic percussion down the hole hammer. HZR400 has a wide drilling diameter range capability from Ø139 to Ø508. Wide equipment range enables effective and accurate DTH-drilling. HZR400 Rig & PP90 Power Pack with Geonex drilling equipment is a ready solution for various infrastructural horizontal drilling needs.

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Applications for Geonex HZR400

  • Horizontal drilling with steel pipe

    Steel pipe works as a casing for water, sewer, telecommunication, electric etc. flow pipes and cables.

  • Solid rock hole drilling

    Accurate straight and steered rock holes, using tracking technology.

  • Versatile features

    Anchoring and special applications in tight spaces and underground.

Accessories for Geonex HZR400

  • GEONEX PP90 Diesel driven hydraulic power unit

    PP90 is a compact and robust power pack. Harsh jobsite conditions set demands that have been taken care of in the engineering.

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  • GEONEX Horizontal DTH-drilling equipment

    Geonex provides specially for horizontal DTH-drilling developed drilling equipment: Overburden drilling systems, Horizontal drilling, DTH hammers, Augers and Tools.

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Technical information

Geonex HZR400

Casing diameter mm (in)508 (20)
Rock Button diameter mm (in)508 (20)
DTH Hammer size4”, 5”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”
Weight kg (lb)3600 (7950)
Length mm (ft in)7550 (24’ 10”)
Width mm (ft in)2000 (6’ 7”)
Height (Jack legs in) mm (ft in)1800 (5’ 11”)
Max feed force KN (lb)150 (33721)
Max feed speed m/min (ft/min)10 (33)
Max rotation torque, slow Nm (ftlb)15500 (11432)
Max rotation torque, fast Nm (ftlb)10000 (7376)
Max rotation speed, slow27 r/min
Max rotation speed, fast42 r/min
Radio controlled
OPTION shortening frame section 3000 MM
OPTION Water pump

PP90 Powerpack

Diesel engineDeutz TCD 3,6
Engine displacement liners (cid)3,6 (220)
Engine power / Emission classEU Stage 4 / Tier 4 Final
Max. engine speed2300 rpm
Pump 1 max. flow l/min (gpm)160 (42)
Pump 2 max. flow l/min (gpm)160 (42)
Hydraulic pump 1 & 2 max press. bar (psi)250 (3625)
Electric system24 V
Hydraulic oil capasity l (gal)180 (47,5)
Fuel capasity l (gal)165 (43)
Length mm (ft in)2170 (7’ 2”)
Width mm (ft in)1240 (4’ 1”)
Height mm (ft in)1900 (6’ 3”)
OPTION Generator HG12kVA 
Weight kg (lb)2400 (5290)

DTH hammers for HZR400

Model4” DTH hammer5” DTH hammer6” DTH hammer8” DTH hammer10” DTH hammer12” DTH hammer
Casing out diameter mm (in)139,7 (5,5”)168,3 (6,63”)219,1 (8,63“) 273,0/323,9 (10,75”/12,75”)323,9/406,4 (12,75”/16,00”)406,4 (16,00”)
Rock Button diameter mm (in)115,0-133,0 (4,5”-5,25“)133,0-152,0 (5,25”-6,0”)152,0-203,0 (6,0”-8,0“)203,0-305,0 (6,0”-12,0”)254,0-357,0 (10,00”/14,00”)305,0-406,0 (12,00”-16,00”)
Shank typeDHD 340DHD 350DHD 360DHD 380, DHD 380sSD10, SD10 SIR112, SD 12
Top Adaptor typeAPI 2 3/8” Reg. PinAPI 3 ½” Reg. PinAPI 3 ½” Reg. PinAPI 4 ½” Reg. PinAPI 6 5/8” Reg. PinAPI 6 5/8” Reg. Pin
Air flow at 13,8 bar (m3/min)7,28,412,822,633,436,3
Air flow at 17,2 bar (m3/min)10,512,917,129,142,149
Air flow at 20,6 bar (m3/min)12,215,923,433,955,760,9